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Actions MOT Training & Consultancy


We are the UK’S premier choice for MOT training, MOT Consultancy and motor vehicle services. Our staff are industry trained experts to ensure our MOT Training course, MOT Manager Training, MOT Testers Annual Training & CPD and Third-Party Consultancy gives you the knowledge you need for success.


Your MOT training course, Authorised Examiner Training, CPD and Third-Party Site Assessments will be delivered by industry-trained professionals who all have a wealth of knowledge and experience across a wide scope of Motor Vehicle Engineering. So, whether you are looking at starting your Automotive career, or are looking at upskilling to become an MOT Tester, Actions Training is your first choice for excellent, honest, affordable training and advice.


L2 Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7


The Level 2 Award in MOT Testing has been developed in collaboration with the DVSA to give learners the knowledge and skills required to perform MOT tests to the required standard. Once passed, new MOT testers can apply to the DVSA for their Certificate of Competence and begin conducting MOT tests.


The content of this qualification has been designed to reflect the needs of the learner to enable them to pass the qualification for MOT Testers.


The content of the qualification includes:


Working safely within a vehicle test centre

Communicating with colleagues and customers

How to manage and maintain their CPD

Carrying out pre-test checks

Carrying out an MOT test


Once you have completed your Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7, you will need to complete a VT8 Observation, which is the final step in your journey to become an MOT Tester and gain your MOT qualification.


Pre-vehicle Testing Assessment


Who is the Pre-vehicle testing assessment course for?

To be able to become an MOT Tester, a technician needs to have four years’ experience and a Level 3 qualification. The Pre-vehicle testing assessment is for Motor Vehicle Technicians who have the experience required to work competently but do not hold a qualification/accreditation scheme to prove it.


What does this do?

It addresses the lack of recognition of current competence which doesn’t allow technicians without a qualification to progress in their careers and become an MOT Tester. Technicians’ competence is benchmarked against National Occupational Standards regarding the following systems:





Wheels and tyres





Successful learners will be able to progress into City & Guilds (3428-02) Level 2 Award in MOT Testing to become MOT Testers.


Level 3 Award in MOT Test Centre Management


City and Guilds have developed a new Level 3 Award in MOT Test Centre Management, developed in collaboration with the DVSA to give learners the knowledge and skills required to manage MOT Vehicle Test Centre's.


The qualification will teach you how to:


Manage the legislative and compliance knowledge required to manage an MOT centre.

Effectively encourage improvements in customer service

Develop and supervise staff within a testing centre.

Understand the centre quality systems and audits.


Entry Requirements: There are no formal entry requirements for the MOT Manager Training qualification.


What do I achieve?

Learners who achieve this qualification will be able to apply for a licence to become an Authorised Examiner (AE) /Authorised Examiner Designated manager (AEDM)


MOT Station Audits and Consultancy


During an MOT Station Audit, a dedicated MOT site auditor will attend your station for a consultation. During this consultation, our auditor will check every area of your station to ensure compliance with all DVSA standards.


Not only will your MOT station be assessed in person but having Actions as a consultant allows us to audit your test logs and TQI information and send it back to you with a detailed report.


On Site Audits

Initial Set up Visit from Consultant

Quality Management system set up and maintained by AE Consultant

Monthly Data and TQI Audits

Monthly Station Reports

Quarterly Data Audits

CPD Assessments for up to 2 testers per site (additional discount for more than 2 testers)

Calibration Text Reminders

Discounts on MOT (NT), AE and MOT refreshers Courses

Direct contact with AE Consultant

News and updates direct to you


Along with peace of mind that your station is up to date and compliant with the DVSA’s current standards, you will receive a detailed report from the site auditor highlighting any areas for improvement and any support which may be needed which can include advice for best practices, management information, and MOT staff development.


Actions work closely with MOT stations to ensure your garage has a robust quality management system in place and is up to date with all DVSA standards. Whether you are a brand-new MOT testing station looking for help and guidance setting up for the first time or an established testing station and would like to ensure you stay up to date with the never ending DVSA updates, Actions membership can help you.


Annual CPD Assessment & Refresher Courses


Firstly, Annual CPD Assessments are a compulsory requirement under the DVSA Regulation. It is important to complete your Annual CPD Assessments as it allows you to make sure you are still up to date with all the DVSA rules and regulations and keep you on the right track. The Annual CPD Assessments are easy enough to do, and we make it even easier by traveling to you if necessary. For the Annual CPD Assessments, you will need to revise for all the topics covered.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) requirement is that all testers must pass your annual CPD assessments each year following their tester certification. Failure to complete this assessment annually may lead to disciplinary action against the individual tester which may then lead to their authorised tester status being withdrawn. Our one-day refresher courses are aimed at all MOT Testers and will cover the minimum 3 hours mandatory training and your annual assessment.


DVSA VT8 Demo Test


Actions Training are now able to offer access to our MOT equipment for DVSA demonstration tests (VT8) to gain your full MOT qualification.


What you get:


Full access to our MOT Testing facilities

Full day training with assessor

Who is this for:


Anyone who has completed the level 2 award in MOT Testing and requires a demonstration test with the DVSA.


Once you have passed your demonstration test with the DVSA you will then be a fully qualified MOT Tester. If you do not have access to an MOT station or your current MOT station is too busy, Actions Training’s DVSA demo tests can help you.


Electric Vehicles (EVs)


As the demand for electric and Hybrid vehicles continues to grow, expanding your existing mechanical skills or garage business to include EV repairs can be a lucrative business opportunity. Electric vehicles have unique components and systems that require specialized knowledge and equipment.


Invest in comprehensive training programs for your mechanics and technicians to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for EV repairs. This includes understanding electric powertrains, battery systems, charging infrastructure, and diagnostic procedures specific to EVs. Ensure your team is up to date with the latest EV technologies and emerging repair techniques through continuous education and training.


Appeals & Representation


We understand that mistakes can happen, unfortunately, the DVSA can invoke huge disciplinary action when they do.  Actions Training can assist you during the stressful time of an appeal, helping you along the way. But we understand how stressful it can be! As a third party for many appeals, we help represent the companies we work with and show the DVSA that the mistakes made were truly nothing but, a mistake. It is why we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every customer we work with, making the process as comfortable and as calming as possible! Please don’t feel afraid to give our friendly team a call and get back on the right track!


Setting up an MOT Station


Setting up and owning an MOT Station can be a daunting and highly responsible task. There are a lot of things you need to do before you can apply Authorised Examiner Status.

Actions are here to help you from the moment you decide to start our own MOT Station. We will give you all the training you need to get your garage off the ground and ensure your garage is always DVSA compliant. Along with expert advice and guidance you can be sure you will never have to worry about falling short and as our member you will have direct access to our MOT Consultants whenever you need any advice.

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