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We’re the support service for automotive people. That means we’re here to support anyone who works, or has worked, in UK automotive as well as their family dependants.


We can help people overcome obstacles and challenges at any stage of life. Whether it’s help in a crisis, wellbeing tips & advice, or help with something in particular like anxiety, depression, money worries, trouble sleeping or anything else – we’re here to help.


We want to make sure that everyone in our industry knows that Ben is here to support them. Please help us spread the word to help reach those that might need some extra support. 

Here for the automotive industry | Ben support for life

HELPLINE: 08081311333 

Your support will make a life-changing difference to someone in our automotive family.

Whether you are looking for an organised event to take part in, want to plan your own event, or need some resources to help you with your fundraising this is the place to be!
Your fundraising and support will ensure that your automotive family has somewhere to turn for help when they are struggling or in crisis.
Do It 4 Ben - Ben
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