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Concept GE MOT Courses

Concept Garage Equipment staff are experts in MOT Garage Equipment, and alongside the extensive MOT Bay design, project management and equipment installations, they also offer all the necessary MOT Training that garage owners or mechanics need to be able to begin performing MOT tests as well as the training to maintain this in the years to come.


The MOT training offered includes:


Authorised Examiner Designated Manager (AEDM) Training


Often referred to as an MOT business manager course, this classroom-based MOT training course is intended for the person who exercises the most direct control and has direct responsibility for all MOT testing operations.  Usually, this would be an AE Principal or you may nominate a senior manager.


The AEDM training is a mandatory requirement for anyone wishing to set up an MOT testing Station, or who may already be MOT Tester and wish to advance their career further.


This course takes place over 2 days and is a classroom-based course that and can either be taught on-site at your chosen location or facilitated at one of our nationwide training sites.


MOT Tester Course


To become a qualified MOT tester this course must be completed


There are 5 parts to the MOT tester course, which are as follows:


1. Safe working practices in the vehicle test centre

2. Working relationships within the vehicle test centre

3. Managing your professional development as an MOT tester

4. Carrying out pre-test checks for an MOT test

5. Carrying out the MOT test itself


Both a multiple-choice question test and a practical assessment must be passed during the MOT tester course, and following this you must book and complete a DVSA MOT Demonstration test (under the watchful eye of a DVSA inspector) to enable you to complete this qualification.


For Class 1 & Class 2 (Group A) MOT testing the course takes at least 16 hours, with at least 4 hours of practical training.  For Class 4 & Class 7 (Group B) MOT testing it will take at least 29 hours, with at least 8 hours of practical training.  These times are the requirements as set by the DVSA.


MOT tester courses are classroom-based and can either be on-site at your chosen location or facilitated at one of our nationwide training sites.


MOT Annual Assessment


As an existing MOT tester, to continue to be able to perform MOT tests, you must complete training and pass an annual MOT tester assessment between April and March every year.  This is known as MOT Annual Assessment or MOT CPD Training and Assessment.


This assessment includes 3 hours of MOT training annually and 16 hours in 5 years and is intended to ensure that you are competent in your role as an MOT tester.


The training that we offer will prepare you for this annual MOT assessment


MOT Annual Assessment training can be done remotely using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, or can be at your chosen location if you prefer, and is usually completed as a half-day course.


How to book MOT training courses


All MOT training courses offered by Concept Garage Equipment are run by ex-DVSA senior technical staff, experts in MOT products and procedures who have been delivering MOT training for over 40 years.


Courses are run regularly, and can either be run at a location to suit you or otherwise, we regularly run group training where a few applicants within a garage or in the same area of the country are seeking MOT training. 


Simply call us on 0113 469 0572 to book your MOT Training course today.

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