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Do you want your training to be comprehensive with a focus on developing hands-on diagnostic skills, or perhaps a cost-effective, quality solution maybe also with an IMI certificate?


Whichever you’re looking for, we can help.


With so many training providers out there, with many offering the same qualifications, but lasting various lengths of time and at wildly different price points, we know it’s hard knowing where to invest your hard-earned budget.



Our Virtual Academy LIVE – Hands on Training at its Very Best.


Our ethos is that a certificate should be an important byproduct of comprehensive training, it should not be the end goal.


When it comes to knowledge transfer, there’s no substitute for time spent learning from an experienced, knowledgeable, and talented trainer.


Flexible solutions - You can come to us, or we come to you*


*Additional fees apply



OVA LIVE’s Face to Face courses:


EV Tech – a 4-day IMI L3 in Hybrid and EV – focussing on core electrical skills alongside understanding how hybrids and EV’s operate. You’ll learn how to work on them confidently, competently and safely. Safety through competence, not through mantras. £995+VAT More info.


EV Masters – If you want a quick and cheap L4 certificate, this is NOT the course for you!

An exceptionally detailed 4 day course for those genuinely wanting to learn how to diagnose Hybrids and EV’s. 4 days jam packed with EV diagnostics – 36 plus hours of outstanding training. £1395+VAT More info.


Diagnostic Technician Essentials – 4 days of diagnostics training. A must for any technician looking to develop their diagnostics skills and processes. You’ll learn: Understanding Electrical Circuits, Testing Techniques, Oscilloscopes and Vehicle Networks. £995+VAT More info.







 – Exceptional, Cost-Effective Online Solutions



Whether you are an independent garage owner looking to develop the capabilities of your business, an experienced technician looking to broaden your knowledge and skill, a corporate Training Manager who needs to improve performance and accountability or an apprentice looking to top up your education, we’ll have a training solution for you.


Benefits of’s online training solutions


  • Minimise time away from the workshop.

  • No expensive hotel and accommodation.

  • Learn on demand – train anytime, anyplace.

  • Repetition helps – re-watch the content multiple times for no additional fees.


Access to starts at £29.99+VAT. More info.


IMI Certified solutions….


  • IMI Certified Hybrid and EV Awareness – Over 2 hours of awareness training designed for non-technical personnel – £109+VAT More info.


  • IMI Certified Hybrid and EV Training focusing on incidents related to driving, charging, collisions, breakdowns, recovery, submersion, storage, end of life – ideal for all Technicians, Roadside Recovery Operators and Emergency Services – Online training, starting at £199+VAT.  More info.


  • Blended IMI L2 or L3 in Hybrid and EV – online training backed up with a 1 day face to face training and assessment day. Outstanding online training which minimises time away from the workshop. £475+VAT More info.

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