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About Me Adam Marshall

I'm Adam Marshall, 29 from York. I've always had an interest in motor vehicles from a young age getting my first car, a '91 mini, at 15 before beginning my continued career at Jaguar Land Rover in York.

Over the years I've progressed up to my current role as a Master and EV Technician, predominantly working with EV vehicles.

About AMR:

Having always wanted to compete in motorsport and be a driver, it's been a passion I have always pushed for despite budget or opportunity not always being there. In 2019 I came across the Team HARD Racing scholarships and I applied for this and trialled in 2020 but unfortunately did not win. I trialled again in 2021 and from that I was chosen to run in the Team HARD Academy.

As part of the academy I raced in the C1 Endurance Series in 2022, then moved to race in VW Cup in 2023 which I won the GT Championship. Which brings us to now, launching our own family team as AMR, something that has been in the pipe line for a while. We will run in VW Cup again in 2024 in our own VW Golf Cup Car. We look to get other businesses involved in our motorsport journey as a different aspect of exposure, in a fun and exciting atmosphere while operating as a business hub bringing businesses together.

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