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Diagnostic Tech Essentials Course by Our Virtual Academy

Are you a technician looking to upgrade your automotive diagnostic skills?

✅ The new Diagnostic Tech Essentials course from Our Virtual Academy provides an innovative way for technicians like yourself to stay ahead of the curve.

✅ Learn how to identify and isolate electrical issues quickly and accurately. We've designed this course into 4 stand-alone sections of face-to-face training, led by expert instructors who will guide you through hands-on practical tasks, so you can choose to attend just one, or multiple courses depending on what knowledge gaps you need to fill.

✅ Learn the latest tests, techniques, and best practices in today’s fast-paced automotive industry!

➡ Book all four parts of the series and receive a discount.

➡ Multiple events run throughout the year, so you don’t need to attend them all in the same week.

➡ We can come to you – whether you’re a workshop, college, or any other technical facility, we have a solution for you!

👍 Stay ahead of your competitors - without having to invest too much money or time!

Take just one day at a time or all four days simultaneously - whatever suits your needs.

Plus we offer payment plans, so ask us about that as well to manage costs better.

⏰ Get started on upgrading your skill set with Diagnostic Tech Essentials now!

Contact us to find a solution that suits your needs – whether it’s a bespoke event for you and your team, or a payment plan to help you manage the costs, we’re here to help. Sign up today!

➡️ For more information follow the link

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