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Sam Pickering's Time Attack Subaru Impreza

Here’s the basic spec of the car.

It all started as a road going Wrx around 7 years ago. After doing a couple of track days in this mildly tuned Wrx I caught the bug. Eventually the inevitable happened and I spun a bearing through lack of adequate oil control measures, this forced me to start building a new engine for it.

Out came the coffee table and I began the process of building up a new engine package. Once complete I had a few great months on the road with a healthy 550bhp, it was great fun. From there on out we started with the gearbox issues, shredding teeth and various internal components.

It was at this point a friend had said to me, ‘why don’t you enter into time attack with the cad and see how you get on.’

That where everything properly started and the car has evolved from there, engine lasted really well, gearboxes not so much, going through 9 in a 3 year period!

Throughout the entire process I’ve been teaching myself all the various processes involved and making a few mistakes here and there but overall it’s gone really well. Everything is done in the shed at home by myself, from engine or gearbox building to the composite panel manufacture and even the ecu calibrations. It’s like a full time job in itself but highly rewarding when we achieve the results with it. I’ve managed to set many club lap records with the car over the last few years and win some championships with the car.

Anyway, that’s probably enough talking, here’s the spec as of 2023 and some pictures.

The power is currently sat around the 700bhp mark in peak calibrations and around the 600-620 lb ft torque area.

Weight wise, the car sits at 1190kg without the driver.


Ej20 Uk sti 2.0 closed deck block

Ej257 Uk 2.5 nitrile treated 79mm crankshaft

Smg ported Uk small port heads

Supertech buckets and shims

Carrillo steel rods

wmc rod bolts

MAHLE main and rod bearings

MAHLE 2618 93 mm stroker pistons

Rotating assembly balanced to within 0.1g

Rcm 0.78mm head gaskets

11mm oem Subaru oil pump

Killer b super g sump & windage tray & pick up

Killer b oil control valve

Supertech inconnel exhaust valves

Factory Subaru inlet valves

Gfb billet crank pulley

Custom front mount headers (heatwrapped)

Perrin 4 bar map sensor

Custom ported tgv deletes

K&n 4” air filter

Japspeed front mount intercooler

Custom 2.5” boost pipes

Roose motorsport custom nomex lined 7 ply silicone couplers

Wiggins coupler from the turbo to intercooler connection

Tial q50 atmospheric blow off valve

GFB EX44 wastegate, recirculated into downpipe

G35-900 pulsar turbo 0.83 vband in and out

AN lines throughout feeding the turbo with oil and coolant and the oil breather system

Mac 3 port boost control solenoid

Custom 3” stainless downpipe & mid section

Japspeed modified 3” stainless rear exhaust system

3 quart canton racing accusump

Mocal thermostatically controlled 13 row external oil cooler kit

G plus silicone coolant hoses throughout

Heavy duty mikalor t bolt boost hose clamps

Titanium Turbo heat blanket

2 litre obp oil catch can vented to atmosphere


Syvecs s6+ pnp Ecu

Oil pressure, fuel pressure, accusump pressure and onboard wideband and egt’s amongst all the factory sensors scaled and logging within the ecu

Wrx converted loom to run avcs

Mapped by Myself

Switchable Anti lag

Switchable map x6

Launch control (builds around 1.6 bar stationary)

Exide xlt20h lithium battery

Isolation switch

Race technologies dash 2 pro wired to all oem sensors and scaled to suit, includes alarms and data logging of all input sensors and gps tracking and lap timing all built in.

Pre intercooler temp gauge on the centre console AEM x series wideband gauge

Push to pass button the steering wheel (adds around 100bhp)


Jdm short ratio 1:1 transfer gear 6 speed gearbox

3.9 ratio jdm rear differential

Custom Böhler s155 300M category steel rear drive shaft bars

Xtreme twin 6 puck plate 230mm unsprung clutch kit

Custom t45 tubular gearbox cradle mount

Fuji motorsport centre prop billet mounts

Perrin rear subframe lockdown kit and diff mount and cradle poly bush kit

Perrin shifter positive shift poly bush kit

13:1 Hawkeye spec c quick steering rack & subframe

Custom modified oem front lower control arms


Seam welded shell

Tubbed front wheel arches

Carbon fibre kevlar reinforced roof

Carbon fibre rear quarters and custom 40mm abw rear arch kit

Japspeed carbon Bgw with custom carbon supports and end plates

Fuel filler relocated to rear bumper

Custom front end to allow front mounting of the turbo unit

Custom carbon fibre front wings recessed and widened 40mm

Carbon fibre 1 piece rear doors, kevlar reinforced

Polycarbonate 4mm rear window

Ricky evans motorsport heated front windscreen

Single wiper

Wrc carbon side mirrors

Carbon front doors with kevlar reinforcement

Polycarbonate front windows with slider in drivers side

Carbon bonnet scoop

Custom carbon front bumper with 40mm carbon extensions

Carbon kevlar intercooler ducting

Carbon kevlar 12mm front splitter with carbon built in aero tunnels

Carbon splitter support rods

Carbon kevlar splitter aero tunnels

Carbon rear rain light mount

Cartek time attack rain light

Bonnet vents & aero catches to secure

Custom carbon side skirts


2 forge zf5 18” x 10J et20 5x100 in gloss black

Pirelli Trofeo r 295/30/18 tyres

Fuel system

Custom modified oem Half size fuel tank (30 litres)

Aeromotive 340lph in tank lift pump

2 litre custom turn 12 fabrications undercar mounted surge tank

Twin Bosch 044 external fuel pumps & cradle

AN-8 ptfe steel overbraid fuel supply line

An-6 ptfe steel overbraid fuel return line

Billet torques high flow fuel rails

Bosch motorsport ID1700XDS injectors

Rcm adjustable fuel pressure regulator

Surge tank inline pre filter 100 micron

In bay radium 6 micron in-line an-8 microglass fuel filter


Custom cages T45 international multi point weld in Roll cage

Mirco r2s seat

Fixed side mount seat mounts on Gsm rail

Trs 6 point HANS harness

Foam 2.25l handheld fire extinguisher

Race technologies Dash 2 Pro dashboard with custom carbon binnacle switch plate & mount

Carbon kevlar boot floor

Parcel shelf frame delete

Lightened in various locations & holes strengthened using dimple dies

Driftworks basics dished suade 350mm steering wheel and slimline alloy mounting boss


K sport monoblock 356mm 8 pot brake kit with floating rotors at the front

K sport 330mm 4 pot brake kit at the rear

Pagid Rst3 brake pads front and rear

Braided hoses front and rear

Oem brake booster

Abs disabled

RBF 660 brake fluid


BC ZR series 3 way adjustable coilover suspension in 14kg/mm front and 12kg/mm rear spring rates

Hardrace rear lateral and adjustable control arm sets with spherical bearings throughout

Hardrace spherical front control arm rear mounts

Whiteline 27mm front antiroll bar with spherical drop links

Whiteline 24mm rear anti roll bar

Whiteline rear heavy duty billet anti roll bar chassis mounts

Hardrace bump steer correction track rod ends Hardrace bump steer correction ball joints

Check out Sam's Instagram for more pictures and the amazing work he has done to this car.

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