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The Automotive Expert 2 Day Eeprom Training Course

Due to the chip electronic components crisis and the huge delays in order delivery, getting new replacement electronic parts for cars and vans has come a big issue.

If you have eeprom skills, you can use ‘donor’, 'Green Parts', 'pre-owned' or 'recycled units' to get these vehicles back on the road very quickly.

Eepromming, coding and programming skills will allow you to turn this problem into a real and profitable income stream.

This course will provide the foundation of how memory works into vehicle ECU like immobilisers, engines, body computers, instrument clusters, airbags and how to program them.

DAY-1: from 9:00 to 17:00 - Classroom training (theory lesson)

DAY-2: Garage training (practical lesson)

Level of experience: this training is for beginners, so no previous experience is required.

Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Lunch and refreshment will be provided on both training days.

Choose the course date on our website.

SPACES ARE LIMITED – reserve your spot now:

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