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The story of AJ Fleetcare.

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

AJ Fleetcare is a family run business in Leeds. Alan opened his garage in Harehills 21 years ago. 2 years ago they moved premises close to Leeds city centre. In 2020 they joined the DPF doctor network

In 2021 they were finalists for the top garage award, the next year Dee Blick a marketing guru and published author became there mentor. In the same year Alan and Jeanette won the top garage award. This year there success continued with wining the award for top customer service at Automechanika in Birmingham.

AJ Fleetcare carry out a range of vehicle repairs. DPF assessments, Diagnostic assessments, Electrical fault finding and component testing, CAN-Phantom immobiliser installer, Air conditioning and Hybrid and electric vehicle repairs from maintenance to charging fault and battery refurbishing.

With all there success they are one of the most down to earth couples I have met. The first time was at the DPF doctor network event in Newcastle mid May were they talked about what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. The next time was at Automechanika in Birmingham. I wish that there success continues and many more awards won in the future.

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