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The simply diag network (SDN)

The founder of the simply diag network Steve Scott the legend himself with over 30 plus years in the motor trade. Simply diagnostics started as a mobile diagnostics specialist in 2017. Bringing a more cost effective diagnostic service to local garages and the general public. In 2018 Steve started going live on Facebook with the jobs he had been working on and also made a YouTube channel. Now with over 20500 subscribers,384 information videos and over 2,500,000 views on the simply diagnostic YouTube channel, this gets people asking questions and wanting to learn more regarding in depth diagnostic work. Steve started a Facebook group called simply diag YT (this page is now closed) for YouTube subscribers to discuss testing methods, tools and information systems.


Steve found that mechanics were not engaging so this was when the simply diag network was born. This giving a place for technicians to ask questions, enhance there knowledge of electric component testing and fault finding on various systems. The simply diag network is a subscription based and for the trade only to ensure quality Of members involved. The skill level of the technician is not important, wanting learn, build your skills and behave professional is. The network has a lot of partners ranging from the dpf doctor, diagnostic connections and many more.


Now the Facebook business page is called simply diagnostics has over 6500 followers. Steve still does his live streams with good morning Facebook, Chippy Friday, wishes you happy birthday and also tells you your awesome. Always a joy to watch and always has a positive look on the day ahead. Steve was a guest speaker at the dpf doctor event in May. I listened to his wise words on how social media can help progress your following it helped me a lot understanding how to promote Mechanicfinder.

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