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Hi, I'm David Crossland, 39, from Norfolk. I'm a proper Norfolk boy, which you'll know from my accent, if you've watched my videos.

 I have been a mechanic for 22 years, working in various different areas with in the trade but Mainly as a Heavy vehicle Technician. I'm currently working at a Renault trucks Main dealer for 6 years now. 

I love my job, I take great pride in doing my job to 100% of my abilities, do it right so it once.






I'm currently on training towards my master technician from Renault trucks. Which hopefully should be completed with in the next two months. 

  I have only been creating content for social media for about 6 months now, but I'm finding it's starting to take off now, and with a little help from a great community of mechanics on social media, I'm really enjoying it. 

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