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Danny's Subaru STI

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Subaru Story! My dad was the 1st owner of my Subaru Impreza WRX STI Widetrack Edition and this car was the last car that he owned. My dad sadly passed away when I was 9 years old when he was guiding a car onto a ramp at work when the car came off the ramp due to what I believe to be the car was left in drive and driver got out of the car without putting it into park this crushed his legs up against the wall and a tool box. He was in hospital for a while and discharged himself as he couldn’t deal with being in hospital. Little to his knowledge that he had a blood clot in his leg which he then

passed away because of. In 2016 I was looking for my next car which would be my 2nd car.

I had always loved scoobies and my Mam has 2 wagons herself both that

my dad had bought and one that my dad had modified to be a “STI Wagon”. I asked my mates dad who works for the police to check if the car was still alive The checks came back that it was sorn. Which meant it was either off the road or for sale. I then went onto eBay and there was about 20 I went throw but no luck. I then typed “Subaru’s for sale” into google and the first link was PistonHeads which I had never heard of at the time but know all about it now! So I went through about 50 cars on that site and then a few didn’t load so I went passed them and checked another 20 or so cars and decided to go

back to the one’s that didn’t load just incase. When I went back to the one’s that didn’t load one was my dads old scooby and my heart just dropped like nothing before and at the point I knew it was meant to be. So my mate at work has a friend who knows a lot about scooby’s so he messaged him for me asking what it’s worth etc. Said it’s worth about £10,500 and it’s the top spec one. The seller was asking for £11995. The same mate had another mate who buys and sells cars and is really good at negotiating so he got the price down to £11000 on the phone but said when we go down with it in cash we will easy get it for

£10k. Me my mate and his mate then went down to Accrington at Clive’s prestige cars who has had terrible reviews and changed names multiple times etc. Just the nightmare story we didn’t want to read! This was on a Saturday morning and couldn’t find the unit. We went to another garage in the area and asked where it was, one lad knew where it was and said he is proper dodgey always wants to meet at like 11 and is a bit sketchy. We found the unit at about 9am after following the directions we where given He wasn’t there! I Rang him, he said he was round the corner and that he was coming (sounded like he just woke up) 9:30 still not here rang again son answered just round corner again. 10:00 rang again we will be there in 5mins Gets to about 10:45 and we are like let’s just leave they are not coming just as we are about to leave a scooby comes round the corner and it’s him in a silver scooby! While we where waiting the 2 lads I was with where saying “it doesn’t look like a big unit” and it wasn’t signed up or anything I said “I think it’s bigger than you think” as I had seen he had about 20 cars listed on PistonHeads. So he opens it up. When the doors opened you could see about 100 cars in it side by side you could hardly move! Well over 1 million pounds worth in scoobies and evos not to mention his personal lambo, gtr, 2 supras that where for sale a Porsche the lot it was crazy but mainly all sorts of evos and scoobies from highly modified to standard! At this point we knew the guy didn’t give a fuck about selling the car as he was a millionaire. So we checked the car out and was all perfect apart from clutch was a bit high So tried to get him down to the £10500 we thought it was worth and he literally said to us “I’ve knocked a grand off more than I ever normally do you can either take the car for 11 or go I honestly don’t care the car will keep going up in value so take it or leave it”. At this point we where like well fuck. I’m going to have to pay £500 for the sentimental value. And the car has been with me ever since draining my bank account with mods, fuel and maintenance!

Subaru Mods! Engine Remap 315 BHP 3” M2 Motorsport Decat w/ Afterburner Raptor Backbox Blitz Dump Value Perrin Radiator Shroud Perrin Alternator Cover Perrin Radiator

Stays Perrin Strut Brace Carbon Fibre Bonnet Struts Carbon Dipped Air Intake Carbon Dipped Air Box Carbon Dipped Fuse Box Matte Black Dipped Washer Bottle Chrome Brake Fluid Cover MJC Battery Tie Down USA Oil Cap Rally-Tech Bolt Dress Up Kit Badass Performance Bonnet Mirror Kit Suspenion Tein Flex Z Coilovers Tein Damper Controller White Line Front & Rear Roll Bars Poly Bush Kit Wheels & Tyres Xxr 527 18” et35 8.75 225/40/18 - Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Blue Tuner Wheel Nuts Exterior ABW Rear Diffuser Rear Bumper Spats Upper Roof Spoiler Perrin Wing Stabilisers x2 Side Skirt Extensions Front Bumper Splitter Blue STI Mud Flaps Gibson Shield Ceramic Coating Rubberised Underseal Blue,Black & Gold Powder-coated Underbody Parts Interior Defi STI Genomo Gauges (Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost) Defi STI Genome Controller Tein Damper Controller S204 Black Heater Controls Custom Made Titanium Heater Covers Custom Made Titanium Shift Knob Custom Made Titanium Boot Collar Custom Made Titanium Reverse Pull Custom Made Titanium Handbrake Button Carbon Dipped Dash Pieces Clifford Alarm, Sensors and Tracker Boot Build Pioneer Head Unit Rockford Fosgate 12” Punch Subs x2 Rockford Fosgate Front Speakers Rockford Fosgate Tweeters Rockford

Fosgate Rear Speakers Rockford Fosgate Prime Amp Custom Made Sub Box Custom Made Amp Box Custom Made Lighting Boot Retrimmed Fully Sound Deadening

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