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Pro-Moto training courses and dates 2024

Pro-moto 2024 training courses and dates for the first 6 months.

A great opportunity to advance your skills in EV diagnostics and repairs.

IMI Level 1 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Awareness on request

IMI Level 2 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Hazard Management for Emergency and Recovery Personnel on request

IMI Level 2&3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement

January 16-17th. February 20-21st. March 19-20th. April 23-24th. May 30-31st. June 25=26th.

IMI Level 4 Award in the Diagnosis, Testing and Repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and Components.

January 18-19th. February 22-23rd. March 21-22nd. April 25-26th. June 27=28th.

Tech for Non-Tech; Hybrid/EV's Explained.

March 18th. June 17th

Electric Vehicle HV Battery Analysis, Diagnosis & Repair.

January 22-23rd. May 13-14th.

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems Operation, Types and Troubleshooting.

January 26th. May 17th.

Electric Vehicle System Problem Solving, Analysis, Diagnosis & Repair.

January 24-25th. May 15=16th.

For more info and contact details please click here

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