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The DPF Doctor Conference May 2024

The DPF Doctor network conference kicked off in the morning with a introduction from the founder Darren Darling of what is coming up threw the day.

There was a great line up of speakers threw the day for garage owners and technician's.

Up next was the diagnostic guru Steve Scott of Simply Diag network . Steve gave a great speech about what sources he uses and process of tackling a troublesome diagnostic fault. The way Steve explained the process is to save yourself wasting time chasing a fault in the wrong way.

The second speaker up was Alex Lindley, Alex is the Managing Director of LIndleys Autocentres and also the Director of Garage HIve. Alex talked about setting targets for your business, your spending and also ways to maximize your gross profit. He also spoke about customer surveys and reviews.

The third speaker of the day was Tim Benson. Tim is an award wining independent garage owner also an automotive business speaker. His speech was about customer experience and the type of customer you would like to visit your garage. Tim also spoke about pricing and front of house staff taking booking the right way.

The fourth speaker was Barry Lawson, The director of Lawson AutoTech. Barry spoke about some vehicles he has had in his workshop in the past months with what looked like straight forward faults but turned out to have hidden gremlin's.

Barry spoke about the way he looked at the faults and the things he found with further investigation.

The fifth and final speaker of the day was John Marsden the managing director of DC lubricants. John has a extensive background in the aftermarket automotive industry, John spoke about the products available from DC lubricants and the benefits of using the product to the customer and there car.

All in all a great day, lots of useful information and knowledge shared by some of the best in the automotive industry.

Written by Andrew Norris

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